Team Transformation Programs


Facilitated - Meetings That Matter

For Boards, CEOs, Senior Leadership Teams, Working Teams and Project Groups.

Learn the foundations for running an effective meeting that draws on the intelligence of the whole group, and has clear outcomes and actions.


Organisational Performance Enhancing Programs

Setting up psychological safety, align values, behaviours, agreeing on how people want to work together and be held accountable.


Collective Leadership Development Program

For Boards and Senior Leadership Teams

(Pre-requisite or Co-requisite to High Performing Minds Leadership Development Program)

Setting up psychological safety, sharing insights into development, align team culturally and gain clarity on the power of collective leadership in relation to your strategic objectives.

‘A mind once stretched to a new dimension can never return to its original shape again’…..
– Oliver Wendal Holmes

Meetings That Matter

This program draws on integrating Thinking Environment ® components, that facilitate building psychological safety, trust and an understanding of what true collaboration means.  In practical terms, this allows innovative thinking to emerge, which result in better ideas, solutions and decisions that are actionable. Fundamental to this process is, the principal that everyone is of equal value and so we hear the unique contributions from every member, not just the dominant voices that have a tendency of taking up a lot of airtime.


Organisational Performance Enhancing Programs

We design and facilitate programs to support your people objectives, which may include, but is not limited to the following themes and can run from half-day sessions to multiple days.


  • Establishing, aligning and agreeing on values and behaviours that support people working well together
  • Establishing and agreeing on how people are held accountable individually and collectively
  • Building psychological safety (Google Aristotle Project 2016, biggest predictor of team performance accounting for 36% differential in revenue performance)
  • Introduction to The Enneagram, (personality profiling) to build the teams self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience and presence

As an NGO, we want to enhance and foster a workplace environment that successfully balances a quality and high performance mindset with the caring rounded edge that comes from our interest and passion to support the community. Those that work in the not-for-profit sector will know this is not always easy.

Our Executive team agreed that we needed to open ourselves up to demonstrate our own commitment and for that to happen we needed to welcome in an experienced and like-minded facilitator and participate as part of the team rather than drive it or sit on the side.

Simone has played the role outstandingly, showing a strong knowledge of our business coupled with a considered approach to leading discussion and an ability to draw out the deep thinking of our people.

Simone has also guided us in whole of organisation seminars, in medium and small working groups and with individuals, on a journey of discovery as we develop common workplace values and behaviours. She has helped us identify and draw from within our strengths, what is important to us and what we expect of each other. She has also created a safe environment for us to share and reflect which has been integral to our own development and stronger working relationships.

Richard Colbran
CEO NSW Rural Doctors Network

Collective Leadership Development Program

This is a bespoke program combining individual development, with team objectives, to build a collective focus that supports your strategic goals.


  • Exploring the current reality of your team culture
  • Identifies the team's ideal culture
  • Understanding leadership behaviours that contribute to the current reality and future state required, for growth
  • Establishing that there is a clear ‘line of sight’ for everyone, so that they understand how, they personally and collectively contribute
  • Correlate leadership to productivity, profits, turnover, and other bottom line metrics

Get solid evidence into your current reality and level of capability so you can focus on what matters most in your effectiveness to lead others.

 Have a clear path of development specific to how you do what you do, that incorporates the most highly correlated competencies to effective leadership.

 Understand the influence you can have when aligned with what matters most and become the architect to your future. Integrate new frameworks, tools and capabilities to sustain your development.