We help leaders grow highly motivated, engaged and accountable teams that strive for excellence.

- Simone van der Kallen


We Help Leaders Grow Highly Motivated Teams and Increase Business Profits.

- Simone van der Kallen

Start by finding out how effective you are as a leader with these 10 simple questions.


You need to do something different to get a different result. The following are some options to get you there.

We also implement customised diagnostics, coaching, performance and leadership development programs to strengthen the capability of you and your people.

What other leaders are saying...


'Our Executive team agreed that we needed to open ourselves up to demonstrate our own commitment and for that to happen we needed to welcome in an experienced and like-minded facilitator and participate as part of the team rather than drive it or sit on the side. Simone has played the role outstandingly, showing a strong knowledge of our business coupled with a considered approach to leading discussion and an ability to draw out the deep thinking of our people.'

Richard Colbran
CEO NSW Rural Doctors Network

'This program teaches you all the skills they don’t teach you in medical school. Using detailed 360 feedback, the program allowed me to understand and develop my strengths, and as a result I have built confidence as a consultant, found an authentic voice in meetings and improved my presentation skills. I am more present and mindful, and (with Simone’s help) have developed and applied self care strategies.'

Dr Rowena McMullen
Neonatologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

'The best part of the program was the affirmation I got from how others see and value me. Knowing what to do to make things better with the team. Reframing my thinking and finding a different voice to speak up in meetings.’

Dr Anna Di Marco 
Director Hospital Training - Hospital Skills Programme SES - IS LHD and Director Prevocational Education and Training - SHH

'I am privileged to have worked with Simone as my coach. She really helped clarify what was important to me and to structure my goals in a way that I’d never done before. This has helped me focus on what is important and gain more satisfaction from my work. It also, undoubtedly, assisted me in securing a recent promotion! I would have no hesitation in recommending Simone as someone dedicated in improving your personal and professional effectiveness.'

Tom O’Sullivan
Deputy Head of Content - Tax, Accounting & Superannuation; University Lecturer; and Consultant Wolters Kluwer

We strengthen, develop and transform the leadership capability of CEO’s, leadership teams and high performing professionals to be human, unleash their potential & grow profusely.

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